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RLS divers not only undertake monitoring of their local dive sites, but regularly gather in teams to survey targeted priority sites for long-term monitoring, or participate in survey expeditions to remote & international locations. The latest news from activities from the RLS network is posted here. 
Port Phillip Bay surveys - Feb, 2020

For the 11th year, a small but hardy RLS team made the trip to Port Phillip Heads in Victoria to re-survey our long-term monitoring sites around the Bay.

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Fleurieu Peninsula, SA - Training & Surveys, Feb 2020

Amazing visibility, an abundance of cryptic fishes, and a visit from local underwater superhero "Kelpman" are just a few of the many highlights from our recent Fleurieu Peninsula, SA training & survey trip!

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Needle in a very large haystack: Searching for the critically-endangered Red Handfish

They’re 7cm long, like to hide under seaweed, don’t move much, and number fewer than a hundred adults left on the planet... Red Handfish surely are the world’s greatest hide-and-seek champions.
Fortunately, a keen team of RLS & IMAS divers were up for the challenge; spending 4 days this January seeking out & recording as many of these incredibly rare fish in SE Tasmania as they could find!

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Southern Coral Sea Expedition: Lap of Aus Campaign 1, Nov 2019

Colourful nudibranchs, the world's longest sea cucumber (?), and a dragonfly on a journey of epic proportions; just a few of the delights encountered by a team of RLS volunteers as they sailed & surveyed their way through the remote Coral Sea as part of the first campaign of the RLS 2020 Lap of Australia.

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The RLS "Lap of Aus" begins as a small team of volunteer divers set sail to survey the outermost Coral Sea reefs

On 23rd November 2019 a small team of divers will set sail from Airlie Beach and head for Australia's outermost speck of land to re-survey Mellish Reef.

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