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At Reef Life Survey, we depend heavily on the support and goodwill of many people and organisations. Your support will allow us to continue the essential work that we do to present the true story of the world’s oceans and the life within them. By accurately describing the condition of the marine environment from a fishes’ perspective, we keep managers and politicians honest, testing their claims that all is fine. We see our contribution as the best hope for safeguarding our marine heritage relative to business as usual.

  • Donors – your donation provides much needed funding, to allow us to survey more areas and ultimately demonstrate the true condition of our marine life. We have no employed staff or office expenses thanks to our dedicated volunteer support, so all donations are directed to covering costs of surveys, communication and education. Donations in Australia are tax deductible.

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  • Shark Point_SMLDivers – you can provide your time and energy to survey marine life, from your local waters to the most remote and beautiful places worldwide. RLS divers need to be experienced (>50 logged dives), capable (focused on surveys while underwater rather than worrying about drowning and sharks), committed (prepared to spend hours after dives searching identification guides and entering data on computer), and enthusiastic (determined to make a difference).


  • Sailboat owners – you can share your boat, to allow us to survey remote locations otherwise impossible to visit. This could involve spaces for two or more RLS divers during your travels, or lending your boat when not in use (we have experienced skippers and cover all costs). In return, you bring another purpose to your travels and will learn a lot about marine life.


  • Dive tourism operators – you can provide accommodation and use of facilities, to allow RLS divers to describe biodiversity at your dive sites. These data allow threats to your sites to be tracked, and highlight what is special about your area relative to other locations. We are always happy to share our knowledge of what we find on our surveys.


  • Retail businesses – you can support us by providing discounts, to extend the value of donated dollars.


  • Marine industry – you can provide sponsorship and collaboration, to support the oceans on which your industry depends.


  • Website developers, communicators, database experts – you can provide your time, to improve communication products and public access to data.

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