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Reef Life Survey Inc is a charitable organisation and depends upon the support and goodwill of many people and organisations. Your financial support allows us to continue the essential work that we do to present the true story of the world’s oceans and the life within them.
By accurately describing the condition of the marine environment from a fishes’ perspective, we keep managers and politicians honest, testing their claims that “all is OK”.

We see our contribution as the best hope for safeguarding our marine heritage relative to business as usual.

Donations in Australia are tax deductible.
Donate to RLS

Where does your donation go?

As a non-profit organisation, donations provide much needed funding to allow us to survey more areas and ultimately demonstrate the true condition of our marine life. We have no employed staff or office expenses, thanks to our dedicated volunteer support, so all donations are directed to covering the costs of surveys, science communication and education.

Below are just a few of the many projects that your donation will contribute towards.


Species Conservation

Help protect some of the most endangered species on the planet, like the red handfish (Thymicthys politus).

Reef Life Survey is currently the only organisation monitoring the last remaining red handfish populations, and continuing the search for other populations.

RLS also represents the only source of information available to identify the true threat status for countless other marine species globally. More information is needed to guide appropriate conservation of red handfish and these other marine species – but we can’t maintain this effort without your help.

Your donation will support ongoing monitoring surveys and allow us to keep the management authorities informed.

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