Survey Data

Access size and abundance data from thousands of reef-dwelling species recorded on RLS transects across over thousands of sites worldwide. Photo Quadrats from each survey are also available to download.  
To query the RLS database by region or species (for example) and download raw abundance data, follow the Access Survey Data link below. 
The link will take you to the RLS data portal where data from fish, mobile invertebrates and cryptic fish surveys, as well as habitat quadrats, are available on separate layers.
See Reef Species of the World for a map of all the survey locations and an interactive species guide.
Please Note: The RLS data portal is no longer operational. All RLS records are now housed in the AODN data portal. To access the RLS data layers, type "RLS" in the keyword search bar on the bottom-left navigation pane. From there you will be able to refine your search within the available RLS-specific data layers.


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