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RLS divers not only undertake monitoring of their local dive sites, but regularly gather in teams to survey targeted priority sites for long-term monitoring, or participate in survey expeditions to remote & international locations. The latest news from activities from the RLS network is posted here. 
RLS Technical Series #2: Avoiding Urchin Trip-ups

Sydney-based RLS Trainer and Coordinator John Turnbull gets to the pointy end of Tripneustes identification trip-ups.

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RLS Trip to Cod Grounds NSW, June 2023

The 2023 Cod Grounds trip was four years in the making. We battled bushfires, a global pandemic and three years of La Nina floods, but finally in June this year, the curse of the Cod Grounds was lifted! Everything about this trip was epic. It can best be described as one of those 3 dimensional jigsaw puzzles that can only be solved if all the pieces line up perfectly, and boy did they line up for us this year!

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RLS Sydney Surveys, 2023

This year’s Sydney surveys have been a true labour of love, with 43 surveys across 21 sites completed over the last six months thus far, and more to come! The team has been busy, spotting some tropical visitors on transect, as well as observing local changes to urchin abundances and kelp coverage following recent heavy rainfall.

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RLS Trip to Seychelles, May 2023

In May 2023, RLS Cofounder Rick Stuart-Smith ventured back to the Seychelles for the first time in over a decade to resurvey twelve sites. A lot had changed since his last visit, having recorded some species that weren't spotted the last time around, as well as noting some visible changes to the coral reefs.

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RLS Trip to Rottnest Island WA, April 2023

In late April, 2023, the West Australian RLS team hopped on the ferry over to Rottnest Island to conduct surveys amid sunny and calm conditions. This trip proved to be a jackpot for nudibranch lovers, and the team also enjoyed a rainbow procession of tropical wrasses and parrotfishes.

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