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RLS divers not only undertake monitoring of their local dive sites, but regularly gather in teams to survey targeted priority sites for long-term monitoring, or participate in survey expeditions to remote & international locations. The latest news from activities from the RLS network is posted here. 
South Australia training & surveys 2019

Following a year of bad weather luck, it was starting to look like the SA RLS team was cursed. Fortunately in March their luck changed, allowing a team of new and old RLS divers to head out for an intensive training and survey trip in South Australia's Encounter Marine Park and the Adelaide Mount Lofty Region.

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Sydney Surveys 2019

This March, a group of RLS Sydneyites took advantage of the unusually warm water temperatures and 20-meter visibility to survey sites around Australia’s largest city, recording an amazing diversity and abundance of fishes and invertebrates.

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Geographe Marine Park 2019

Twenty meter visibility, Yellow-headed hulafish in the tens of thousands and a rare Western Blue Devil (Paraplesiops sinclairi) are but a few of the delights encountered by a team of RLS divers on a trip to survey the Geographe Marine Park earlier this month.

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Rocky Cape 2019

Despite a serious low-pressure system building off the west coast of Tasmania, promising gale force winds and torrential rain, a crew of dedicated divers headed up to Tassie’s rugged north-west coast for the annual RLS Rocky Cape training and survey weekend.

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RLS diving network extends to Chile

This February, a group of keen marine scientists & RLS divers descended on Las Cruces, Chile in the hopes of expanding the RLS network into South America and establishing core survey sites along the west coast.

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