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RLS divers not only undertake monitoring of their local dive sites, but regularly gather in teams to survey targeted priority sites for long-term monitoring, or participate in survey expeditions to remote & international locations. The latest news from activities from the RLS network is posted here. 
RLS Aboard Melita, Leg 4: Darwin to Port Hedland

Prof. Graham Edgar, Anna Edgar, Kirsty Whitman, and Sophie Kalkowski-Pope hopped aboard Melita to survey over 75 sites from Darwin to Port Hedland. The crew sailed over 1000nm in 3 ½ weeks during this leg Graham's lap of Australia. Lucking out with some glorious conditions and plenty of fish, Sophie joined the crew to learn the RLS methods in an unforgettable chapter of her OWUSS scholarship experience.

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RLS Aboard Melita, Leg 3: Thursday Island - Darwin

Continuing on the journey around Australia, RLS Volunteer Diver Kirsty was joined aboard Melita by interstate RLSers embarking from Waibene/ Thursday Island to survey the islands of the Torres Strait, before coming back in to port at Gulmerrogin/Darwin. With 1,200nm under their belts this leg, the team enjoyed some epic encounters of the fishy kind, a very special birthday, and narrowly avoided disaster in the face of a broken winch!

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RLS Aboard Melita, Leg 2: Cairns to Thursday Island

In mid-July 2023, Melita continued its journey around the continent, sailing from Gimuy/Cairns to Waibene/Thursday Island. The trip was sure to be a busy adventure with four keen RLS divers aboard, a thousand kilometres of coastline to traverse, a myriad of possible dive sites, and only two and a half weeks to do it!

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RLS Aboard Melita, Leg One: Gladstone to Cairns

Setting sail in July 2023, RLS Co-founder Graham Edgar hopped aboard sailing catamaran 'Melita' along with a crew of RLS divers, ready to complete biodiversity surveys along the way as Melita embarked on her lap of Australia. RLSer Kirsty Whitman reports on the team's adventures during the first leg of the voyage, sailing from Gladstone to Cairns.

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RLS in Barkley Sound, Canada May 2023

Returning to Barkley Sound for the third consecutive year, RLS Canada's team of passionate marine scientists surveyed 20 sites in May this year to build on their existing time series data. This time around, the team surveyed four new sites and recorded returning species such as the sunflower star, as well as some first on-transect encounters like playful harbour seals!

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