Volunteer Spotlight: Chelsea Haebich

May 20-26th 2019 is National Volunteer Week and to celebrate we're putting some of our volunteers under the spotlight! For day 2 of National Volunteer Week, meet South Australian diver Chelsea Haebich.
By Reef Life Survey
May 21, 2019
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1. Can you give us a bit of background on you?

I work as a Manager and a PADI Dive Instructor. I have always had a passion for nature and now obviously, SCUBA Diving. It’s a major part of my life and, quite unexpectedly, along with that came a passion for Underwater Photography.


2. When did you join RLS & what made you want to get involved?

I joined RLS three years ago when they ran the first program in South Australia. I wanted to get involved to learn more about our unique biodiversity here in SA, meet like-minded people and help contribute to recording and building a wonderful resource of knowledge of what we have here. Hopefully my photos can compliment that in some way as well.


3. What has been your most memorable survey/ RLS moment?

That’s a hard one! Topside it’s all the friendships, knowledge and fun that makes it all good, below it’s some of the sites, but definitely spotting a Velvetfish (Aploactisoma milesii), photographing it and recording it on a transect was pretty epic! But it’s all pretty memorable!


Velvetfish (Aploactisoma milesii). Photo by Chelsea Haebich.
4. How long have you been diving, & which is your favourite dive spot?

I have been diving for about 8 years now. It’s my passion/ obsession. So are the weird and wonderful cryptic critters we have here in abundance in South Australia (if you know where to look!). So I would have to say locally, Edithburgh Jetty on Yorkes Peninsula is right up there….but a night dive at a metro Jetty, Port Noarlunga always leaves me thrilled to get home and check my camera card!!


5. What are your favourite species to encounter on a dive?

I think I may have already inadvertently answered that one…. but the weirder the better, the more cryptic the better. I love finding animals that have amazing camouflage and details about them.
Frogfish, Seahorse, Pipefish, Tasselled Anglers… I love them all! Also wouldn’t turn my nose up to a shark or a whale turning up on a dive one day either. Whales are my all time favourite big critter I must admit.

More photos

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