Rocky Cape, TAS 2018

"Tasmanian team bonding" probably best sums up the rocky cape survey weekend, which dished up some testing weather conditions when a team of dedicated RLS divers descended on the Cape this March.
By Rick Stuart-Smith
April 10, 2018
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Tasmanian team bonding probably best sums up the rocky cape survey weekend, which dished up some testing weather conditions.

The team included Fred Rueff, Jeremy Ward, Grant Pearce, Marianne Purton, and two new RLS divers Megan Dykman and Iona Flett. The plan to resurvey all of the local monitoring sites, including a couple that have been surveyed more than 20 years ago, had to constantly change as the forecast changed. The final tally of 10 transects from 4 sites (one of these a new site) reflected the difficulties in finding places to dive. Despite not as many dives, and fewer species recorded as a consequence, there were some substantial positives in how well the team got along and worked together, and in how quickly Megan and Iona picked up the RLS methods and local species. By the Monday afternoon, not only was the local RLS team two great divers stronger, but there were plans hatching to get back to some of the sites soon.

Photo by Rick Stuart-Smith

Particular thanks go to Cradle Coast NRM, who have continued to support the annual RLS Rocky Cape surveys and training through their Natural Connections grants. John from Wynyard SCUBA Centre was helpful filling tanks, and everyone in the group contributed substantially to helping the weekend run smoothly, despite the weather dramas.

Next year should be a cracker, with a bigger, better team, and a perfect weather forecast….

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