RLS Annual Report 2017

Some of this year's highlights include:

  • 2017 saw 63 trained RLS divers complete 1,060 surveys across 3 different countries.
  • RLS welcomed 14 newly trained divers and 8 new RLS trainers.
  • The 10 thousandth survey was completed and logged in the RLS database, representing 72,000 hours & $2.2 million worth of in-kind volunteer contributions!
  • Website engagement grew by up to 79% and social media engagement grew by 139% compared to the 2015/16 financial year.

Key publications:

  • Bright spots among the world’s coral reefs. Nature (2016) Cinner, JE, Huchery, C, MacNeil, MA et al.
  • New opportunities for conservation of handfishes (Family Brachionichthyidae) and other inconspicuous and threatened marine species through citizen science. Biological Conservation (2017) Edgar, G.E., Stuart-Smith, R.D., Cooper, A., Jacques, M. & Valentine, J.
  • Consistent multi-level trophic effects of marine reserve protection across northern New Zealand. PLoS ONE (2017) Edgar GJ, Stuart-Smith RD, Thomson RJ, Freeman DJ.
  • Assessing National Biodiversity Trends for Rocky and Coral Reefs through the Integration of Citizen Science and Scientific Monitoring Programs, BioScience (2017) Rick D. Stuart-Smith et al.

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