RLS Annual Report 2015

Some of this year’s highlights included:

  • 2015 saw 611 RLS surveys completed across 8 different countries from 67 trained RLS divers
  • RLS welcomed 46 newly trained divers, taking the total number of trained divers up to 268
  • RLS now has over 7650 surveys from over 2500 sites in 50 different countries
  • 122 new fish species were recorded and 85 new invertebrate species were recorded.

Key publications:

Oh ES, Edgar GJ, Kirkpatrick JB, Barrett NS, Stuart-Smith RD (2015). Broad-scale impacts of salmon farms on temperate macroalgal assemblages on rocky reefs. Marine Pollution Bulletin 98: 201-209

Stuart-Smith RD, G. J. Edgar, J. F. Stuart-Smith, N. S. Barrett, A. E. Fowles, N. A. Hill, A. T. Cooper, A. P. Myers, E. S. Oh, J. B. Pocklington, R. J. Thomson (2015). Loss of native rocky reef biodiversity in Australian metropolitan embayments. Marine Pollution Bulletin 95: 324-332

Coleman MA, Bates AE, Stuart-Smith RD, Malcolm HA, Harasti D, Jordan A, Knott N, Edgar GJ, Kelaher BP (2015). Functional traits reveal early responses in marine reserves following protection from fishing. Diversity and Distributions 21: 876-887

Bates, AE, TJ. Bird, RD Stuart-Smith, T Wernberg, JM Sunday, NS Barrett, GJ Edgar, S Frusher, AJ Hobday, GT Pecl, DA Smale, Ml McCarthy (2015). Distinguishing geographic range shifts from artefacts of detectability and sampling effort. Diversity and Distributions 21: 13-22


Australian Museum Eureka Awards – Eureka Award: NSW Office of Environment and Heritage Eureka Prize for Environmental Research

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