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Key objective of Reef Life Survey foundation (RLSF): 

To improve biodiversity conservation and the sustainable management of marine resources through the collection of high-­‐quality survey information over large spatial and temporal scales, and through dissemination of survey information to user groups and the general public. Core activities depend on the skills of experienced and motivated volunteer recreational SCUBA divers, as well as through partnerships with management agencies and an Advisory Committee comprising managers, scientists and recreational divers.

Aims of the RLSF: 

  1. Protect and enhance the natural coastal marine environment, or a significant aspect of it.
  2. Obtain information on the state of the marine environment, and marine biodiversity, and promote the advancement and practical application of scientific research and monitoring for the conservation of coastal marine systems.
  3. Provide information or education about the marine natural environment.
  4. Provide advice on strategic directions for long- and medium-term scientific research, educational and training programs for community involvement in monitoring and understanding the marine environment, thus addressing the dual needs of being innovative in addressing future issues relevant to divers, fishers and the public whilst providing solutions to current concerns.
  5. Promote community awareness by disseminating results produced from research, educational and training programs through scientific publications, newsletters, reports and media releases. 

Membership of the RLSF: 

To become a member you must:

  • -Agree to support the Key Objective and the Aims of the RLSF;
  • -pay an annual membership fee; and 
  • -be approved by the RLSF board. 

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RLSF New Diver Registration

RLSF New Diver Registration

This form is for divers registering to be RLSF volunteers prior to undertaking training.

If you are an existing RLS diver wishing to renew your membership, you can do so HERE

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