Meet the team

RLS is only possible through the extraordinary contributions of volunteers.
The guidance and administration of RLS occurs through a Board and Advisory Committee, both acting on a voluntary basis. Advisory Committee members represent scientific, government management agency and volunteer diver interests. 
The Board and Advisory Committee are supported by a data management team at the University of Tasmania.

rls board

Graham Edgar, President
Institute for Marine & Antarctic Studies, TAS

Rick Stuart-Smith, Executive Officer
Institute for Marine & Antarctic Studies, TAS
Alan Jordan, Management Representative
Department of Primary Industries, NSW
Margo Smith, Community Diver Representative
Combined Hunter Underwater Group, NSW

RLS advisory committee

Neville Barrett
Institute for Marine & Antarctic Studies, TAS
Danny Brock
Department of Environment, Water & Natural Resources, SA
Paul Day
West Australian Divers for Diversity Inc. (WADD), WA
Andrew Green
Nature Coast Marine Group, NSW

Tom Holmes
Department of Parks & Wildlife, WA

Steffan Howe
Parks Victoria, VIC

Bryan McDonald
Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries, NT
Nathan Knott
Department of Primary Industries, NSW
Amanda Richley
Department of Environment & Energy, Commonwealth Government
Ian Shaw
Solitary Islands Underwater Research Group, NSW

John Turnbull
Underwater Research Group, NSW


RLS team

Antonia Cooper
UTAS/ RLS Coordinator
Just Berkhout
Database Developer
Jemina Stuart-Smith

Ella Clausius
Communications Officer

Local volunteer trainers

Danny Brock
South Australia
Paul Tinkler
Victoria, Australia
Paul Day
Western Australia
John Turnbull
New South Wales
Tom Davis
New South Wales
Amanda Bates
Tomas Bird
Jasmin Schuster
Zach Foltz
Smithsonian MarineGEO Program, USA
Scott Jones
Smithsonian MarineGEO Program, USA
Alejandro Perez-Matus
Ivan Hinojosa
Natali Lazzari
Jose A. Sanabria-Fernandez


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