Jervis Bay, NSW 2018

By John Turnbull

It took us a few attempts to get the JB RLS up this year, thanks to changing conditions and diver availability, but we eventually assembled on its sunny shores on Friday 13th April. April fool jokes aside, the order of discussion was whether we could take the boat out at all. The forecast looked ok – depending on your level of optimism – with strong winds and moderate swell on most of the four days. We worked with the local knowledge of Andrew and Sue to put together a safe but productive plan, and four days later our team of 11 divers had completed 36 surveys around the bay. We recorded:

Number of Species Total Animals Counted
Method 1 Fish 89 32323
Method 2 Invertebrates 36 4559
Method 2 Cryptic Fish 28 876


The most abundant fish species were Mado (Atypichthys strigatus), Pomfrets (Schuettea scalaripinnis), Hula fish (Trachinops taeniatus) and Scad (Trachurus novaezelandiae), and the most abundant invertebrates were black urchins (Centrostephanus rodgersii) and tent shells (Astralium tentoriiforme) – no surprises there! We noticed more Talma (Chelmonops truncatus) on some sites, and a few uncommon species like the gold-lined wrasse (Coris aurilineata) and painted rainbow wrasse (Suezichthys arquatus).

Thanks to everyone who participated, particularly those who took on additional effort in boat towing, boat sitting and the all-important cooking and provision of coffee and munchies on the boat;

Boat Towers and Sitters: Denise, John V, Janet and Michael

RLS Divers: Janet, Michael, Andrew, Bill, Sue, Lou, Martin, Kris, Yanir, Josh and John T






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