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Caranx ignobilis
Triaenodon obesus
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Jasus edwardsii
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Linking Volunteer Divers, Scientists and Managers in Marine Research and Conservation

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RLS Australia

Ningaloo Survey Trip Highlights 2016

This year a team of eight dedicated RLS divers surveyed 31 long-term reef monitoring sites in the Ningaloo Marine Park and Muiron Islands. Eloise Ashworth, Harri Davies, Paul Day, Jen Hoskin, Ben Jones, Alicia McArdle and Kevin Smith joined Rick at the Murdoch...

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RLS International

A Rare Experience Surveying Easter Island

Mention “Easter Island”, and for most Australians visions of giant stone statues ‘moai’, surf and volcanoes spring to mind. But it is the warm 24°C water and 50m visibility that makes Easter Island a pleasure to visit. Easter Island is the most isolated inhabited...

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Scientific Papers


Loss of native rocky reef biodiversity in Australian metropolitan embayments

Marine Pollution Bulletin 95: 324-332 (2015)

RLS surveys around major cities show trends in marine life related to major pollution sources, and numerous introduced species in Hobart.

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