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Colours of the Coral Sea


Photos taken during Reef Life Survey trips were used to produce this beautiful poster showcasing marine life of the Coral Sea, north-eastern Australia.


The work was supported by the Marine Biodiversity Hub, and you can request or download free copies of the poster or postcard HERE. 





“The Full Circle”

Film by Sam Griffiths and music by Grouch

Featured at the Hobart screening of the 2015 Oceans Film Festival and again at the Australian Marine Sciences Association AGM in 2016, “The Full Circle” highlights Sam’s epic journey around the continent as part of the RLSF’s Australian Circumnavigation during 2013/14. It was an incredible mission which resulted in the only Australia-wide set of systematically collected information on marine communities to date. Forty volunteer divers took part in over 1400 surveys from over 600 sites around Australia and offshore reefs

Tropical Marine Fishes of Australia field guide

A comprehensive field guide of Australia’s tropical fish species with high quality photos and most up to date species information.

Available for purchase online: New Holland Publishers, Booktopia


News Coverage of RLS in Rocky Cape, Tas

Local news highlights local-diver training conducted February, 2016 on Tasmania’s North-West Coast.


2015 – RLS Spain surveys the Balearic Islands

A fantastic video from the RLS Spain Team on their trip along the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

2015 – Ningaloo Reef

In 2015 RLS surveyed the beautiful Ningaloo Reef.  Here is some video footage of our team in action.

2014 Eureka Prize for Environmental Research – Finalist


Professor Graham Edgar and Dr Rick Stuart-Smith, University of Tasmania

Reef Life Survey provides a new perspective for scientists and managers on the magnitude and distribution of threats occurring out-of-sight underwater. The survey applies the skills and commitment of highly trained recreational divers to collect data on population trends of thousands of marine species across geographic scales impossible for traditional scientific dive teams to cover.

The views expressed in these films are those of the finalists and do not necessarily reflect those of the Australian Museum.

Compilation of all things marine as seen by first mate Sam Griffiths.

Published on Nov 13, 2013

Compilation of all things marine as seen by first mate Sam Griffiths. The Reef Life Survey Foundation hosted the Circumnavigation of Australia in 2013. First mate, diver, data collector, skipper and videographer, Sam Griffths, created this snapshot of some of the amazing things he came across while sailing and diving his way around the country.

RLS Map of Surveys Conducted so far

In 2006 we started surveying marine life… this is where we’ve been so far.

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