RLS Spain Surveys the Balearic Archipelago

by | Jan 20, 2016 | RLS International

¡New Adventures of RLS Spain!
Some of the Spanish RLS team undertook a survey cruise in the Balearic Islands (Mediterranean Sea) in October, aboard the sailing catamaran GOA3. Six RLS divers worked hard over ten days of intense diving to survey twenty-three new sites in the archipelago. The voyage began in Ibiza, where the high abundance of Labrus merula (Brown wrasse) was surprising. The cruise continued on to Mallorca, which is the largest of the islands, with reefs that were unfortunately littered with trash. Even so, RLS divers recorded Scorpaena maderensis (Madeira rockfish), an unusual species in cooler parts of the Mediterranean Sea near the Spanish mainland. The next stage of the trip was Cabrera Archipielago, where spectacular vertical walls and amazing large amberjack, Seriola dumerili, literally left divers with mouths so wide open their regs almost fell out. The cruise ended in Formentera, where a spectacular shoal of Belone belone (Garfish) passed under the boat. During the voyage, RLS divers collected information from marine assemblages in a diverse range of situations, e.g. within harbours, on artificial reefs, in marine reserves and at isolated places with a reduced human footprint. Thanks to RLS divers who took part of this adventure. RLS Spain would like to show you the best moments from this experience. Please enjoy this summary video!


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