Reef Life Survey International

RLS partners with researchers and keen volunteers from around the world, breaking down scientific and international barriers with standardized survey methods and a shared interest in collecting comprehensive reef community data.

Recent Articles

A Rare Experience Surveying Easter Island

Mention “Easter Island”, and for most Australians visions of giant stone statues ‘moai’, surf and volcanoes spring to mind. But it is the warm 24°C water and 50m visibility that makes Easter Island a pleasure to visit. Easter Island is the most isolated inhabited...

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Surveying Southern Chile

At the end of the Chilean summer keen Reef Life Survey (RLS) divers undertook surveys at Pargüa and Calbuco, in the inner sea near Puerto Montt and the remote Chiloe Island. Dives ranged from 3 to 24 metres and although the water reached low temperatures (11 degrees),...

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RLS Spain Surveys the Balearic Archipelago

¡New Adventures of RLS Spain! Some of the Spanish RLS team undertook a survey cruise in the Balearic Islands (Mediterranean Sea) in October, aboard the sailing catamaran GOA3. Six RLS divers worked hard over ten days of intense diving to survey twenty-three new sites...

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