A number of experienced and dedicated Reef Life Survey members, including Danny Brock (SA), Tom Davis (NSW), Paul Day (WA), Paul Tinkler (VIC) and John Turnbull (NSW) attended a special RLS training workshop in Hobart on 13 February, 2017.

The purpose of the workshop was to train additional people to be able to successfully teach the RLS methods and protocol; ‘training the trainers’ (i.e. to new members). The team focused on a number of important aspects including techniques and content required to teach new volunteers RLS data entry methods and data checking protocols. This workshop helped participants build on their existing skills and ability to teach the survey methods – and helps allow to program to continue its growth.

We are excited and grateful to have these capable and passionate divers assist in building the RLS network into the future, and look forward to seeing them help expand the RLS team.

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