RLS is supported by the University of Tasmania (UTas) and the RLS data are housed at the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) at UTas.

RLS acknowledges the following funding bodies:

The RLS program was originally set up through seed funding from the Commonwealth Environment Research Facilities (CERF) Program, an Australian Government initiative supporting world class, public good research.

and sponsors:

  • Winweb The creators of OnlineOffice, the developers and the providers of the hosting facility for the RLS website. WinWeb is delighted to be involved in the research of Reef Life Survey. If our OnlineOffice technology helps to coordinate and enhance the efforts of the group and helps to monitor and manage our natural environment better, then it is exceeding our expectations for it’s usefulness. We hope the efforts of RLS are successful and that we can be of help in the future:
  • MichaelMuller_accountant has generously supported RLSF since the organisation’s incorporation in 2010. RLSF sincerely thanks Michael for his valuable pro-Bono accountancy advice and quality auditing services.
  • RLS thanks Australia for providing camera equipment through the Canon Environmental Grants Program.
  • Barry Andrewartha and Belinda Barnes, publishers and editors of Dive Log and Sport Diving have also greatly assisted RLS:
  • The RLS team uses portable Bauer compressors to fill tanks when diving remote locations and thanks the Australian Safety Group, the Australian distributors for Bauer compressors, who provided a discounted compressor for use in the recent survey expedition around northern Australia.
  • RLS receives generous assistance from . Aquenal Pty Ltd provide substantial vessel and equipment support for RLS field activities.
  • RLS has also received significant and generous database assistance from RLS diver Sylvia Buchanan.

The following dive operations have assisted with RLS activities and are highly recommended: