Below are some important documents for current and prospective RLS divers

RLS divers at level 2 or above are required to be members of the Reef Life Survey Foundation. Annual membership only costs $10 and the form can be downloaded here – RLSF registration form.

All RLS divers should have read the safety code and signed the waiver at the end. A signed waiver needs to be included with annual RLSF membership form (above). If you have not had a dive medical in the last 3 years, you will also need to submit a signed medical questionnaire with your membership form.

Information on data quality, support provided to divers, the level system and selection of teams for organised survey weekends is all contained in this diver policy document. This document also includes information on the minimum requirements to be trained in RLS methods and become an active part of the RLS network. All prospective RLS divers should read this before contacting us.

Undertaking surveys and entering data

The survey methods are outlined in the RLS methods manual. This document is currently being revised, but this version still provides the essential details of what RLS surveys involve.

Data entry is done into an Excel template. There are different templates to enter data collected in different states (each with a different look-up table of reef species). The data entry templates are also currently being updated, but the latest versions can be downloaded here:

NSW data entry template

VIC data entry template

WA and NT data entry template

SA data entry template

TAS data entry template

QLD data entry template

Tropical Indo-Pacific data entry template

Instructions on completing the data entry using these templates will be provided in the updated methods manual (to be available soon), but if you have any queries relating to data entry or would like feedback on your data (especially for practicing, level 1 divers), please contact us.

Australian Marine Life

For those that own Graham Edgar’s book, Australian Marine Life: The plants and animals of temperate waters, some updates have been made to the latest edition (2008). A pdf of corrections and updates is available here