RLS Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee forms a critical part of the RLS program. It provides direction to the RLSF board on all aspects of the RLS program, ensuring scientific, management and volunteer diver needs are met by RLS activities. This output-driven management of the program is what sets RLS aside from other volunteer-based programs – data collection is guided by the end users of the information so that the information can feed directly into management and applied scientific studies. The Current Advisory Committee members are (in alphabetical order):

  • Graham Edgar RLSF Board member
  • Rick Stuart-Smith RLSF Board member
  • Scoresby Shepherd RLSF Board member
  • Margo Smith RLSF Board member
  • Alan Jordan Representative of NSW state management agencies
  • Andrew Green Volunteer diver representative
  • Andrew Zacharek Representative of Commonwealth Government, DEWHA
  • Bryan McDonald/James Brook Representatives of SA state management agencies
  • Graham Edgar Reef Life Survey Founder and RLSF Board member
  • Ian Shaw Volunteer diver representative
  • Neville Barrett Representative of scientific interests
  • Peter Mooney Representative of Tasmanian state management agencies
  • Steffan Howe Representative of Victorian state management agencies